The Restorx team of Supervisors, Estimators and Technicians are standing by 24/7. We are ready to deploy the latest technical systems, allowing works to be completed faster and more cost effectively.

With an integrated approach to our people, processes and technology, we minimise disruptions and maximise efficiencies, ensuring a fast and successful outcome is achieved, especially in emergency situations.


Damage is often kept to a minimum because Restorx is able to respond comprehensively within 24hrs to most areas within Australia.


Restorx management forms an integral part of our delivery team, ensuring successful integration of all stakeholders into our projects. Monitoring contractor compliance, driving cost savings and enhancing efficiencies in order to provide value for you, is paramount.

Our 6 Technical Divisions enhance the way we work with our clients. This often leads to strategic partnerships, enabling effective management of large scale works.


•  Electrical Make safes, Inspections & Reports

•  Design, Install & Maintain Solar Power Systems

•  Efficiency Audits

•  Renewable Energy Services

•  Eco Smart Electrical Programs

•  Air Conditioner Servicing

•  Test & Tagging

•  Electrical Repairs & Maintenance


•  HVAC Services

•  Fire & Water Damage Reports

•  Electro-Mechanical Repairs & Restorations

•  Marine Cargo Services

•  Fire, Water & Impact Damage Inspections

    and Remediation Processes.


•  Electronic Equipment Repairs

•  Fusion / Power Surge Inspections

•  Networking & Mainframe Solutions

•  High End IT & Computer Equipment

•  Communication Equipment

•  Data & Media Restorations

•  Audio Visual Equipment

•  Security & CCTV Systems

•  White Goods & Home Appliances

Contents Restoration

•  Carpet Restoration / Replacement

•  Furniture Restorations

•  Re upholstering

•  Ozone and Hydroxyl Serviced

•  Ultrasonic Cleaning

•  Odours Neutralised

•  Inventory and Pack out

•  Steam Cleaning

•  Document Restorations

Structural Drying

•  Mould Assessments & Remediation

•  Thermal Imaging

•  Psychrometric Investigations

•  Biocide Assessments & Remediation

•  Meth Lab Neutralisation

•  Odour Neutralisation

•  Ducting Services

•  Sewer Treatments

Plant & Equipment

•  Turn Key Plant Rebuilds

•  Fusion & Power Surges

•  Manufacturing Equipment

•  PLC Controllers

•  Industrial Machinery

•  Electrical Safety

•  Thermal Audits

•  Consulting Services

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